When mailing to more than one location add the desired shipping fee for each additional shipment location to your order total.

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Spread the loveWe only ship EMS for a reason you might not know of, but is not a secret. Laws…

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We only ship EMS for a reason you might not know of, but is not a secret. Laws passed for small mail parcels into the US put heavy upgraded (costly) inspection checks required on private shippers like FedEx. The passed laws do not apply to the US postal service that is billions of dollars in dept, unable to make the technology upgrades, and additional staff hires. This allows the US postal service to guarantee arrival by bypassing mandatory Custom searches giving them the preferred edge. Combined with our stealth shipping techniques we have no issues with our orders arriving.
You can check EMS price list online to verify 3 day shipping from China varies from $45-$60. To prevent a very time consuming custom quote for each customer order that changes daily we decided to just request $50 and make up the difference or collect the overage. When we reconcile at months end we are very close to even. We want customers to know we are not trying to profit on shipping and that set pricing is for efficiency only.
Order Processing Time:
We offer 2 return shipping options detailed above with estimated time arrival. After payment confirmation a customers order or group is put in queue to be made. We have a dedicated staff of ID makers at ID Chief making orders every day of the year. That being said our average time is 5 business days from payment confirmation submitted to your order in the mail. Add your chosen return shipping time and you have a general time frame.
Please do not ask or offer extra payment for delivery certain dates we can not honor this. At ID Chief we truly understand what an event or vacation trip with your fake id in hand means to a customer and can be crushed without it. Please understand we are a business making custom ordered products and can not in good faith guarantee arrival date. We of course want your business, but not enough to make a promise that we can not guarantee, and ruin a customer’s plans, if we are even one day late on delivery. Common sense advice is order early, like NOW!