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Spread the loveWe do exactly what DMV does, incorporating holograms, barcodes and micro perforations and raised text, so all our…

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We do exactly what DMV does, incorporating holograms, barcodes and micro perforations and raised text, so all our IDs scan and pass backlight test. Our photoshop workers are true digital Picasso’s obsessed with the tiniest details and wholeheartedly dedicated to what they do. Our source materials are of highest standard and our whole production process has strict quality control at every step. We would never ship you a half-baked ID! Our reputation is what matters most to us – after all, more than half of our orders come from repeat customers and word-of-mouth referrals! Speed and convenience of our service is legendary! We are proud of what we do! It has been a long way to achieve this level of excellence, and we will never compromise Freedom Fakes name with inferior product.
From obscure country bar to trendy lounge, from local grocery store to strip club – our replica identification cards are accepted as real everywhere! You can feel confident in our IDs where it matters most to you! Never be in that embarrassing situation again, being turned away from the door while your friends go party and have lots of fun – without you!
Go to any bar or club with the strictest control policy like a boss! Fool the most experienced bouncers and laugh inside 😉 Feel invincible with a quality fake ID that scans from Freedom Fakes. Start living to the full today – because you only live once! Why delaying all the fun till you are 21 if you can have it NOW? Speaking of quality, customers tend to discuss it on sites (fake ID vendors reviews and ratings) 😉

Why Your Replica Identification Needs To Be Perfect
When it comes to quality, not all IDs are equal. There is a whole range of IDs, from legit government issued identification cards to market square souvenir shop “novelty ID” items. The differences are often glaring and can be spotted even by laymen at a glance. If you aim to buy fake ID online just as a fun gift or a prank, this does not matter – cheap or even self-made one will do. After all, detailed instructions for how to make a falsified identity card are available on Internet.
But if you need a fake ID to buy alcohol or go to music concert, you would want to to aim for the highest quality. Why? Simply because you risk to get caught if your ID raises suspicion. That’s where fun can turn into trouble. Possession of false ID is a criminal offense in many states and has legal consequences ranging from fine payment of several hundred dollars to years of jail time. If you are convicted of felony, it will remain on your record permanently, thus severely limiting your employment opportunities. Your driving license can be revoked too.